THE Jesuína Teixeira Pastry was created in 1981 by the Jesuína Teixeira and her husband, Manuel Alho Teixeira.

The contact with the art, the confection and the knowledge of several generations, allowed them to acquire all the “tools” necessary to prepare the Pastéis de Tentúgal and all the other sweets in an excellent way, transmitting their knowledge and experience to the collaborators, under continuous and rigorous supervision, guaranteeing their qualification for the exercise of the profession.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the Project Look at Queijadinha, developed to give the opportunity to those who, subject to long periods of isolation, could receive, in the comfort of their home, one of the typical convent sweets of Tentúgal, the Queijadas, in a concept of home delivery, under all the care required by the pandemic situation .

Two young people, eager to do something new, rolled up their sleeves and ventured into this challenge, which would only be the beginning of this long journey…

During the course of this project, the opportunity arose to acquire the company Jesuína Teixeira, at the invitation of the family that entrusted them with the secret of the tradition of convent sweets.

A success story, which these 2 young entrepreneurs, Daniela and Hernani, continue.

And behold, the brand is born Tentúgal Knowledge and Flavors.

They applied their personal touch to the company's dynamism, but did not neglect the existing specialized workforce, which is undoubtedly a fundamental part of continuing the quality of their sweets and, consequently, knowing how to maintain tradition.

A company that began in a simple and humble way, currently stands out for its volume of production and the rigor required in the confection of each sweet that is manufactured in Tentúgal and distributed throughout the country.

The path is made by walking and it is this path that Saberes e Sabores de Tentúgal wants to do, with a team of professionals who are committed and dedicated, daily, to their tasks, putting pride in their profession.

Rua 25 de Abril, 37
3140-554 Tentúgal

968 624 119 (national mobile network call)
927 338 140 (national mobile network call)